Working Group for Long-term Experiments (LTE)

About the LTE Group

The ISOFAR working group Long-term Experiments (LTE) in organic farming has the following objectives:

  • promoting the fruitful international co-operation of researchers involved in LTE dealing with organic farming;
  • sharing experiences, knowledge, insights and positions on LTE with colleagues on an international level;
  • compiling present results of LTE;
  • developing common research questions and methods;
  • envisaging new projects with our experiments.

Publication Long Term Field Experiments in Organic Farming

    In May 2006 the LTE group published the first volume of the ISOFAR Scientific Series. The volume "Long Term Field Experiments in Organic Farming" contains a selection of 12 long-term experiments conducted under different site conditions in Germany, the USA, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Israel. Each experiment has a unique concept and scientific approach. But their common objective is to investigate characteristics of Organic Agriculture regarding key parameters of soil fertility, crop yield and quality.


Dr. Joachim RAUPP

Dr. Joachim Raupp
Agric. Science, Scientific Services
phone +49 - 6152 - 806621

Members of the Working Group LTE

The researchers responsible for the experiments listed here are members of the working group. Moreover, other members are researchers involved into LTE in another way.

  • Factorial long-term experiments:
    Canada, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, Nova Scotia
    Transition and Sustainabilty Strategies for Organic farms

  • Canada, University of Manitoba, Dept. of Plant Science
    The Glenlea Long-Term Crop Rotation Study

  • Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    Alternative Cropping Systems

  • Canada, (AAFC/aac) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/ Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada; (AFHRC/CRAHA) Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre/Centre de recherches sur les aliments et l'horticulture de l'Atlantique; Senator Hervé J. Michaud Research Farm/Ferme de recherches Sénateur Hervé J. Michaud
    Long-term organic versus conventional vegetable rotations experiment

  • Denmark, DIAS: Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Tjele
    Organic crop rotations

  • Denmark, KVL: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural Universtiy, Department of Agricultural Sciences
    CRUCIAL Closing the Rural Urban Nutrient Cycle

  • Finland, MTT Agrifood Research Finland
    Long-term trial

  • France, GRAB - Research Group for Organic Farming
    Low input orchard

  • Germany, Foundation Ecology & Agriculture, Bad Dürkheim
    Ecological soil management

  • Germany, Institute for Biodynamic Research
    Long-term fertilization trial Darmstadt

  • Germany, Institute of Organic Agriculture, Univ. of Bonn
    Effects of biodynamic compost preparations on soil and crop parameters

  • Germany, University of Giessen, Department of Organic Agriculture
    Organic Arable Farming Gladbacherhof

  • Germany, Saxony State Institute for Agriculture, Department of Crop Production
    Complex long-term fertilizer trial in two cropping systems

  • Germany, BBA, Institute for integrated plant protection
    Long-term trial plant protection in organic farming (Dahnsdorf, Brandenburg)

  • Israel, Agricultural Research Organization, Newe Ya'ar Research Center
    Long-term nutrition trial - organic stone fruits

  • Italy, Interdepartmental Centre for Agri-environmental research "E. Avanzi", University of Pisa
    MASCOT (Mediterranean Arable Systems COmparison Trial)

  • Italy, University of Florence, DISAT - Dept. of Agronomy and Land Management
    Comparison between organic, integrated and conventional arable cropping systems, Experimental Farm Montepaldi

  • Sweden, SBFI, Biodynamic Research Institute Founadation
    Long time fertilzation trial Järna

  • Switzerland, FiBL: Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

  • UK, University of Nottingham, Division of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
    Long term effects of conversion strategies

  • United States of America, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, Davis
    Long-term research on agricultural systems

  • United States of America, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, East Troy, Wisconsin
    Comparison of Conventional, Organic, and Biodynamic Systems

  • United States of America, University of Wisconsin, Agronomy Department
    Wisconsin Integrated Cropping System Trial (WICST)

  • United States of America, The Rodale Institute, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
    The Farming Systems Trial

  • United States of America, North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University, Center for Envrionmental Farming Systems
    Long-term farming systems experiment

  • United States of America, University of Minnesota - Southwest Research and Outreach Center
    Variable Input Crop Management Systems (VICMS) Trial

    Farm studies:

  • Austria Institute of organic farming
    Monitoring the conversion to Organic Farming

  • Norway The Norwegian Centre for Ecological Agriculture
    Long-term records on an organic dairy farm

  • Germany ZALF
    Long-term records on an organic model farm

  • UK, HDRA - Henry Doubleday Research Association, International Research Department
    Baseline monitoring of organic vegetable systems with differing fertility building periods (at two sites)

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